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TAYO Irvine Hendrix is an English born R&B, PunkFro Avant-garde artist and truly gifted individual who, from the age of 16 worked with some of the most prestigious artists of her time.  She leads an extraordinary life as a motivational speaker, musician, award winning author, storyteller, composer, artist and philanthropist. She is a true creative who was undoubtedly destined for the  world of music and the arts. 

“Music and Drumming is in my genes, it is who I am and who I was born to be!” TAYO

At just 3 years old, Tayo was given a drum by her father. That was the beginning of her life-long love affair with music. Through her youth she developed her musical talents which saw her being mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry of her time and play to a huge range of audiences from punk rock to R & B.

TAYO Irvine Hendrix ‘is indeed an experience and quite a special one’ Music News.

Over the years TAYO has developed a unique sound of her own that is perfectly encapsulated by her 2014 single Crazy Dayze taken from the album EXPERIENCE THIS… The syncopated jazz rhythms along with stunning guitar flourishes, an infectious bass line and TAYO’s sultry vocals make this an irresistible blues track. TAYO’s lyrics are the sort that stay in your mind long after the music has stopped, making this a sure fire hit for the songstress.

Experience This… album: A collection of songs that takes each listener on a journey. The album showcases TAYO’s stunning and powerful voice as well as a wide range of musical influences. Alongside the blues and soul elements, TAYO is bringing mantras to mainstream and creating a uniquely accessible sound.

We Shall Overcome TODAY: In 2017 TAYO released the remake of the anthem We Shall Overcome. Replacing the ‘someday’ with the power of ‘TODAY’ she went on to celebrate the life of Dr King by producing the updated version in time for his 50th Anniversary to show the world she, like many others, are still fighting for a peaceful world where ignorance is not rewarded. 

HUMMINGLAND™ this award winning book is part of  an illustrated book series created by TAYO about the magical fictional world, full of living musical instruments. Where three best friends come together sharing their daily life lessons whilst making powerful choices about life, love and happiness. TAYO is  the Sylvia Anderson Children’s Author 2018.

Upcoming Art Launch:  ‘TAYO Hendrix Heartbeat Art Exhibition’ is a unique experience not to be missed.  Launching in Stockholm, Sweden 29th August 2019 where you will find a smorgasbord of TAYO talent.  From  hand painted fine arts,  sound arts and written art this kaleidoscope of energy encompass all five senses, sound, vision, taste, touch and scent.

BOOK TICKETS NOW and download your copy of  ‘April LOVE‘ by TAYO the enigmatic sound art accompaniment from 29 August 2019. 

April LOVE‘ album out AUGUST 2019

TAYO is a very genuine person. You can immediately feel her authenticity and that is the key ingredient to an outstanding artist.”

“As soon as I started listening I was blown away by her. She is a powerhouse. A true diva to be compared to the likes of Aretha Franklin and those other divas.” Wendy Starland