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TAYO Hendrix Heartbeat Art Exhibition
Restaurant Riche – Stockholm, Sweden


AYO Irvine Hendrix Heartbeat Art Exhibition is a unique experience not to be missed. Launching in Stockholm, Sweden you will find a smorgasbord of red T talent. From hand painted fine arts, sound arts and written art this kaleidoscope of energy encompass all five senses, sound, vision, taste, touch and scent.

BOOK TICKETS NOW and download your copy of  ‘April LOVE‘ the enigmatic sound art accompaniment from 29 August 2019. April LOVE by TAYO out 29 August 2019.

‘LOVE is fierce, not always caressing, encouraging us to L!VE BRAVE’  TAYO

Background: As a motivational speaker, musical educator and coach Tayo returned from Singapore in 2018 after launching  her award winning book series ‘Hummingland’ to a flurry of questions about the art. TAYO’s agent and friend suggested she should turn her hand to art and see if there was anything to be learnt there.  There was…

Her unique art work is a ‘must see’ to add to your bucket list. TAYO paints from a place of love and empathy, she paints only those who connect to and who have impacted her life. Each of these individuals and situations have helped Tayo to live a life less ordinary and to live brave.  She hears and feels their energy and encouragement every day of her life and it is that which she paints on the page and what will shortly be on display in the beautiful city of Stockholm Sweden.